CFUW Brantford (formerly University Club of Brantford) with a membership of over 80 women, has celebrated nearly 75 years of women working together with common purpose for the promotion of high standards of education and lifelong learning, advancement of the status of women and human rights, and promotion of improvements within our community, nationally and internationally.

We meet once a month (except December, July and August) on the fourth Wednesday of the month at Thorpes’ Carriage House on West Street, Brantford for a programme with a speaker or a presentation on a topic of current interest.  We also offer a variety of collegial activities (See Interest Groups) which are organized by our members to address the interests of our members.

As you join the Club, it is hoped that you will support the purposes of this Club and enjoy what is offered to each member.

Membership in CFUW BRANTFORD

In accordance with Schedule 1, Articles and Bylaws 2013,

…..a woman is eligible for CFUW membership if she has:

  1. earned a degree, diploma, or equivalent qualification from an institution of higher education; or
  2. been accepted for a masters or doctoral program at a recognized tertiary institution; or
  3. earned a professional designation or equivalent qualification that currently requires a degree, diploma, or equivalent qualification.

…..a woman who does not meet criteria 1(a), 1(b), or 1(c) but supports the purposes of CFUW is also eligible for membership in a Club

Purpose into Action

The purposes of CFUW Brantford shall be to:

  1. promote opportunities for collaboration and friendship among its members;

actions: interest groups activities (see Interest Groups).

  1. promote high standards of public education in Canada, advanced study and research by women and the pursuit of lifelong learning;

actions: monthly programme speakers, author event e.g. Paula Todd, Maureen Jennings, Sally Armstrong.

  1. provide scholarship awards in accordance with the CFUW Brantford Scholarship Fund Constitution;

actions: scholarship fund raising activities/fees, Trivia Night.

  1. advocate for the advancement of the status of women, human rights, and the common good, locally, nationally, and internationally, in alignment with CFUW National and IFUW;

actions: support for

i) anti violence against women awareness

ii) basketeer programme,

 iii) Grannies for Grannies.

  1. promote cooperation, networking, support and understanding among women;

actions:  monthly speakers programme, advocacy initiatives, Ontario Fall Conference.

  1. encourage women in all aspects of political, social, cultural, educational, and scientific fields, and in the service of the community.

actions:  Women of Excellence, all candidate meeting, Council on Aging, Resolutions response, campaign school for women in politics.

If interested in finding out more about CFUW Brantford or in joining, you are invited to attend any of it monthly General Meeting which are open to the public or contact CFUW by email at to obtain an Membership Application Form.




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Canadian Federation of University Women, Brantford Chapter